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FROM: HEART RE: Healthy Mondays-Smokeless Tobacco
8/28/2012 10:26:43 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff


Wacko (Smokeless) Tobacco!

From the National Institute of Dental and Cranial Research and the CDC

Snuff, rub, dip, or chew…it’s all the same. It’s smokeless tobacco, a disgusting and deadly habit. Smokeless tobacco is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. It contains about 28 known cancer causing agents.  It can lead to cancer of the mouth, tooth and gum decay, and mouth sores. It reduces sperm count and cause abnormal sperm cells in men. It causes your mouth to smell terrible and stains your teeth. It’s also expensive. A can-a-day habit costs about $1,100 a year!

Smokeless tobacco, like cigarettes, causes a nicotine addiction. This addiction can make it very hard for people to stop. However, it is not impossible. Here is a guide that can help you go through the process of quitting. You won’t regret it!

*    Decide to stop – the first step is to make the choice to stop using smokeless tobacco.

*    Pick a quit date – decide when you want to quit

*    Slowly cut back – try to cut back to half your usual amount. If you always carry a can, try leaving it at home. Use a substitute such as sugar free gum.

*    Build a support team – let friends, family and coworkers know that you are quitting so that they can support you. Warn them that you may not be yourself and ask them to be patient with you. Also suggest ways that they can help ease the rough transition.

For more information, facts, and statistics, please visit:

The Mayo Clinic


If you have any questions, please contact:

Fran Fayish: or call x 5922.