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FROM: Diana Balla RE: Healthy U (For Faculty, Managers, University Police, Nurses and Coaches)
9/20/2012 3:14:21 PM
To: Faculty, Staff

The new Healthy U program began on September 1st and will end on May 31, 2013.


Please note the following changes:

Ø  WebMD is now the vendor who provides the online wellness content and programming.

Ø  The pledge is no longer required.

Ø  The online health programs are now called My Health Assistant, of which there are six focuses.  These programs take four weeks to complete.

Ø  Employees can no longer see the progress of spouse/domestic partner.

Ø  The process for recording preventive care has changed.  (No dates are needed for preventative exams, participants just need to certify that they have or will receive the exam.)

Ø  The “other preventive screenings” are now listed separately (dental, vision, prostate, colorectal).

Ø  Credit shows immediately.

Ø  Participants will receive an e-mail upon completion of the program.

Ø  Even though the Wellness Profile does not need to be completed first, it is still a requirement; therefore, I encourage all participants to finish it beforehand.


What is not changing:

Ø  Access site through; log in, click on Members tab, then Health & Wellness.

Ø  Participants must earn 70 points to qualify for the reduced health care premium.

Ø  The same type of activities will be eligible for points.

Ø  Completion of the Wellness Profile is required.

Ø  The program is hosted by Highmark.


Additional information:

The new Rewards Landing Page displays cards for each activity which includes the value for completing the activity and the expiration date.  It also lists the rewards available and indicates what is required to earn the reward.  There is also a link to FAQs.


You will notice Blue Flags containing a letter which indicates the following:


            “R”      Required Action (such as the Wellness Profile)

            “M”     Points can be achieved multiple times (such as completion of a Wellness program)

            “SR”    Self-reported action (such as certifying that you had or will receive a flu shot)


If an activity has been completed after July 1, 2012 but before September 1, 2012 you will need to enter September 1, 2012 as the completion date in order to receive the credit for the new Healthy U program year.


I have already posed the question about employees who may have completed the program prior to notification of the September 1st start date.  They are still working on how those employees will receive credit.  An announcement will be sent out once I receive confirmation.


As always if you have any questions, please contact me at extension 4427 or