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FROM: Susan Jasko, Ph.D. RE: Guest Speaker: National Weather Service (NWS)
10/15/2012 2:39:23 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Department of Communication Studies

Department of Earth Sciences


Meteorology Club




Dr. Vankita Brown

of the

National Weather Service


To CalU!


Dr. Brown brings with her a wealth of applied communication experience in both the fields public relations and in the application of social science to the mission of the National Weather Service: to protect lives and property.



Schedule of Events:

October 17, Wednesday 4pm: Dr. Brown gives a talk/has a conversation with MET students Location: EBE 255

October 17, Wednesday 5:15pm: Dr. Brown offers a fun workshop about resume writing, interviewing, and presenting yourself professionally. Location: EBE 255

October 17, Wednesday 6:30pm: Dr. Brown joins students for dinner and conversation at Lagerheads.

October 18, Thursday 9:30 - 10:45am: Dr. Brown talks with COM 203 class about working in public relations applying communication understanding and skills to other contexts.

October 18, Thursday 11am - Noon -ish: Dr. Brown and Dr. Jasko talk to MET students and other interested parties about their experiences serving on NWS Service Assessment Teams. EBE 110

October 18, Thursday 5:00 - 7:00pm: an open cocktail hour gathering, with alumni from both COM Studies and MET as well as current students and faculty, Location: Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe