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FROM: Human Resources RE: Spring 2013 Tuition Waiver Deadline
11/28/2012 1:40:31 PM
To: Faculty, Staff

The deadline for turning in tuition waiver forms for Spring 2013 will be Friday, December 28, 2012. However, please be aware that the Bursar's Office will be sending out the first bills beginning December 4, 2012, so you may not see your waiver taken off of the first bill. Any forms submitted after December 28, 2012, will be subject to the $15.00 late fee, payable at the Bursar's Office.

The forms for Tuition Waivers, Class Schedules (for employees only), and Graduate Level Taxation (for employees only) are available on the Benefits Forms website. ONLY THE CURRENT FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Outdated forms will be returned to the employee and must be redone.

All employees taking classes must complete the Class Schedule form in addition to the Tuition Waiver form. Classes MAY NOT be taken during normal working hours.

All eligible employees taking graduate-level classes must also complete the Graduate Level Taxation form in addition to the Tuition Waiver form and Class Schedule form. Generally, the value of employees' graduate-level tuition waiver benefits are not taxable, if the courses bear a direct relationship to your job at California University. This direct relationship is evidenced by either of the following two conditions:

  1. The course is necessary to maintain or improve employment skills required for your current position; or
  2. The course is an express, written requirement of California University in order for you to retain your current position.

However, regardless of the aforementioned, if the course is necessary for you to meet the minimum education requirements of your current position, or is part of a program that, when completed, will qualify you for a new trade, business, or profession, the value of the graduate-level tuition waiver benefit WILL BE taxable.

Graduate-level courses taken by children, spouses, and other dependents of employees ARE TAXABLE at the federal level and subject to federal tax withholding.

Please note that all taxable graduate-level tuition waiver benefits, whether provided to University employees or their spouses, children, or other dependents, will be reflected as taxable income on the employee's year-end W-2 form, as well as subjected to applicable payroll tax withholding from the employee's paycheck.

If you have any wuestions, please call the Office of Human Resources at Campus Extension 4427.