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    2/8/2013 2:53:59 PM
    To: Students, Faculty, Staff

    Want to spread a little bit of PUPPY LOVE this February?

    Help Activist Club help a local animal shelter, Fayette Friends of Animals!

    We are holding a donation drive until the end of February to benefit the local animal shelter!

    Fayette Friends of Animals depends so heavily on the kindness from others, and these donations can help keep the shelter going! It is one of the only no-kill shelters in Fayette County. The animals need our help!

    Here are the items on the wishlist:

    General Needs
    Stamps, Envelopes, White/Colored Copy Paper, Gift Cards, and Gasoline Cards

    Cleaning Supplies
    Joy or Dawn Dish Liquid, Paper Towels, Clorox Bleach, Liquid Laundry Detergent high-efficiency only,
    Mops and Mop-Heads, 39 Gallon Trash Bags, Van Cleaning Supplies

    Kennel Needs
    Hand Soaps and Sanitizers, Hand Dryers, Rubber Floor Mats and Runners, A Good Tool Kit,
    Hand Dustpan/Brush Sets, Brooms and a Wringer Bucket, Blankets, Blankets - all sizes, Towels and Washcloths,
    Paw/Pet-Safe Sidewalk Salt

    Medical Supplies
    Bandaids, 3x3 Gauze Sponges, Cotton Balls and Swabs

    Larger Items
    Industrial Washer & Dryer, Power Washer, Riding Lawnmower, Metal Shelving Units

    Rawhides - American Made, Training Treats, Chew Sticks, Purina Dog Chow,
    Purina Puppy Chow
    , Cages, Crates, Carriers, Old Basketballs and Soccer Balls, Toys - Stuffed; Roped; Rubber,
    Brushes and Flea Combs, 6'-10' Nylon Sturdy Leashes, Dog Beds, No-Tip Metal Bowls,
    Metal Flat-Back Buckets

    Scoopable Kitty Litter, Litter Scoops, Top-Opening Carriers, Purina Cat Chow,
    Purina Kitten Chow
    , Litter Pans, Toys - small balls; mice danglers and dancers; small stuffed animals

    Painting, General Maintenance,
    Office Help - Answering Phones and Light Filing, Volunteers Needed!

    Can you donate something? GREAT!! The Activist Club is accepting donations in Azorsky Room 136, the Women’s Studies Office. We will also be in the Student Union 2/19/13-2/21/13 from 11:00am-1:00pm running our Puppy Love Campaign. We will be also hosting the Cutest Pet at Cal U contest as well as making dog and cat toys out of recycled materials!

    Other arrangements can be made to pick up donations by contacting Amber Preston at Any further questions can also be directed at Amber!