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FROM: Math, Computer Science & Information Systems RE: Help with on campus project!
3/6/2013 1:55:34 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff



Our senior project is going to be a huge impact on CAL U and we would love to involve everyone who's interested in helping us make CAL U awesome!  Our team is constructed up of four talented computer science students: Steven Mancini, Zach Josebeck, Zach Parks, and myself Justin Coppola.  This is the breakdown!!!! 


1.)Our project is called VCAL. It's a virtual tour of the campus of CAL U. I'm sure most of you have experienced the CAL U tour when you first visited the campus.  Our project will be set up EXACTLY the same way but virtual aka the WWW. Cool right? I KNOW!


2.)What we need is help from the clubs to get you guys (ALL OF YOU!!!) the attention your club deserves!


3.)Faculty we need your help too.  We want to display the pride that all of you have for the University you enjoy spreading your knowledge at! 


4.) Now I know I have all of your attention which is great!!!!


5.) All we need from you is pictures and information about your clubs.  We're taking the pictures but on specific days.  We will be starting to take pictures around campus mid-March.  It would be easier if we all communicated and had a nice fluent schedule of what clubs and or faculty could take pictures on what day.  (my email


6.) It would take no more that 15 minutes of your time to get the entire club and or faculty in a picture for "VCals" virtual tour.  (360 degree picture) Plus a small snippet of information about everyone and their club.  


7.) This is probably the MOST important step................ EMAIL ME and lets get this ball rolling!!!




VCal Developers (Steven Mancini, Zach Josebeck, Zach Parks, and Justin Coppola)