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FROM: Dr. Raymond Hsieh RE: Do you need a Tech Lit for Summer 2013?
3/18/2013 8:34:57 AM
To: Students

Do you need a Tech Lit class in summer, 2013?

Incidents of computer-related crime and telecommunications fraud have increased dramatically over the past decade.
Computer crime investigation and computer forensics are also evolving. They are sciences affected by many external factors, such as continued advancements in technology, societal issues, and legal issues.

The Department of Law, Justice & Society provides two courses (JUS 488 Cyber Crime Investigation and JUS 487 Computer Forensics)  in Summer 2013. In those two classes, you are going to learn the practical skills such as to manually undelete a file, password encryption & decryption, to establish 14 digits long password, but still be easy to remember, steganography (data hiding ), how to prevent your smart phone from being hacked....etc.

Previously VIP Portal has wrongly posted the beginning date for the class of JUS 488 (Cyber Crime Investigation) which has been fixed. Those two classes start on June 10 and finish on August 17, 2013.

Contact Dr. Raymond Hsieh ( for details.