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FROM: The Activist Club and Women's Studies RE: CALLING ON YOU FOR DONATIONS!
9/17/2013 4:23:53 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Calling for donations!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Women’s Studies Program and Activist Club is getting involved!

Did you know that many times when domestic abuse survivors leave the home where the abuse is being perpetrated, they sometimes leave with just the clothes on their backs and what they can carry?

The Women’s Studies Program and Activist Club are holding a donation drive for a local women’s shelter. What do they need?

Washington and Fayette county shelters are in need of:

·        Ladies underwear/new bras – new (any and all sizes)

·        Women’s pajamas women’s slippers (any and all sizes)

·        Shoes for women, boys, and girls (any and all sizes)

·        Toys for all ages

·        Diapers – all sizes baby wipes

·        Hair care items (Dark & Lovely brand hair care items)

·        Body wash

·        Over the counter medication

·        Cleaning supplies (toilet bowl cleaner, windex, spray cleaner, broom, mop, laundry detergetnt, etc.)

·        Umbrellas

·        Boxed food items women’s jeans

·        Paper towels

·        Bath tissue

·        Medium and large gift bags

·        Latex gloves

·        Throw blankets and comforters

·        9 volt batters

·        Calculators

·        Suitcases/duffel bags

·        Plastic pillow protectors

·        Brooms

Donations are being accepted in Azorsky 136 (Women’s Studies Office) the entire month of October. You can drop off items at the office, or contact Amber Preston to arrange for pick-up (