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FROM: Dr. Mary Randall RE: 75 good reasons to study French!!!
11/4/2013 8:23:06 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

There are 75 good reasons to study French!!!

Here are just a few:

--After English, French ranks as the most used global language; although Chinese is a major economic power, their 3,000-4,000 character writing system precludes the language from bring a major global language;

--More than 50% of English words have an origin in French which makes French easy to learn for native English speakers.

--French is spoken on every continent;

--France is renowned for the quality of its high tech;

--France is the world’s major tourist destination with 75 million tourists a year;

--France is in 4th position in terms of world power and does not have the debt problems facing many other major industrialized nations.  (A positive sign for joint projects, business and scientific co-operation.)

--Learning French can bring you to an international career.  Two French-owned multinational corporations have offices and plants in your backyard—ALSTOM Grid (manufactures high voltage circuit breakers for worldwide distribution) has a plant in Charleroi.  Visit their web site at:  Industrial Scientific  was recently named one of Pittsburgh's 100 fastest-growing companies. With the recent and continued growth of the company's portable gas detection business, they are looking for people that share a vision of ending death on the job, in this century..  Visit their web at:

--Learning French  MAKES YOU SMARTER!!

There’s still time to enroll!  Do it now!!  French 101, French 102, French 204.