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FROM: Teaching and Learning Center RE: Teaching Online Certification Course for Faculty
1/29/2014 8:44:21 AM
To: Faculty

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Dear Faculty,

You are invited to participate in the next 5-week, fully online Teaching Online Certification Course. The Teaching Online Certification Course (using Desire2Learn LMS) has been developed collaboratively between California, Clarion, Lock Haven Shippensburg, and Kutztown Universities.  Successful completion of this course certifies you to teach online at CALU and supports our compliance with Middle States' Accreditation distance learning requirements (Standard 13).  Seating for the course is limited – only faculty may participate and preference is given to those faculty members who are not already certified to teach online.


Teaching Online Certification Course (5 week)
Pre-class/Orientation assignments begin: February 13
Course begins: February 17
Course ends: March 23


If you wish to participate in the course, please RSVP by February 7 by filling out the following form:


You will receive follow-up orientation instructions on February 13.


About the Course

This 5-week fully online course provides instructors with a student’s perspective, guidance on designing an online course, and instructions for using the various Desire2Learn tools.  This is NOT a self-paced course.  Participants will be required to read course materials, participate in weekly discussion boards, collaborate in a group project, and develop content relevant to their own online course.  In order to complete the activities and course development exercises, participants should have a course they are scheduled (or planning) to teach online within the next year.  Time commitment will be approximately 10 hours/week depending on familiarity with Desire2Learn.  We are confident that all participants will look at this experience as positive and beneficial to successfully developing their online course.


Below, please see a detailed outline of the course structure:

Week 1: Introduction of Online Teaching

*   Topic 1 – Creating an Effective Online Course

*   Topic 2 – Defining Roles

*   Topic 3 – Learning Styles


Week 2: Course Design and Development

*   Topic 1 – Design Course Organization

*   Topic 2 – Set Goals and Objectives

*   Topic 3 – Select Teaching Strategies for the Online Environment


Week 3: Building Community

*   Topic 1 – Building Community

*   Topic 2 – Fostering Collaboration and Communication


Week 4: Assessing and Grading in an Online Environment

*   Topic 1 – Assessment Tools in D2L

*   Topic 2 – Alternative Methods of Assessments

*   Topic 3 – Feedback and Rubrics


Week 5: Putting it all Together

*   Topic 1 – Managing Your Course

*   Topic 2 – Assessing Your Course (using QM essential standards)

*   Group Project/Wiki (weeks 3-5 concludes)


Again, please RSVP by October 7.


Thank you and please contact Jon Kallis, Instructional Designer and LMS Administrator within the Teaching and Learning Center, with any questions: or 724-938-4186.