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FROM: Options@Cal U RE: Become aware concerning recent rash of local drug overdoses
1/31/2014 9:37:11 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Kathy Jo Stence from the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) has issued the following information regarding the recent rash of overdoses:


It is certain that you are aware of the rash of overdoses, many resulting in death, that have been occurring in Western Pennsylvania.  There have been various news reports regarding these occurrences, as well as official public notices and alerts that have gone out by some of your offices, the Attorney General, the Health Department, law enforcement agencies and others, both locally and statewide.  Several very important notices are included with this email so that, in turn, you can release them to your information networks and colleagues.  The sharing of information about the dangers that exist and where they exist, measures to take to curtail continued occurrences of overdose, and how to appropriately respond to these overdoses when they do occur is of upmost importance to limit and bring this current situation to a close in the most effective way possible and to prevent further loss of life.


While this situation is obviously an immediate concern in western PA, the issue must be of concern for all of us and we must do due diligence statewide.  The following links provide important information about the local problem and how to help.