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FROM: Connie Monroe RE: Secondary Education: Advising for Fall 14
2/20/2014 12:51:55 PM
To: Students

It is time to think about FALL!

If you are a Secondary Education major, it is very important that you come visit us for advising so we can make sure you take the right courses and are ready for all the steps along the way.  (You will have an advising hold on your account until after you come to see us). 

Where:  Keystone 212 


·         Thursday, February 27   from 10-3   (This date is for students with Priority Registration only such as honors, four-year plan, etc. )

·         Monday, March 3   from 10-3 

·         Tuesday, October 8  from 10-3

·         Wednesday, October 9  from 8-1  

·         Thursday, October 10  from 10-3

How does this work? 

·         Pick up an advising “Unlock” form from the Secondary Ed office in Keystone 408. 

·         Look at your degree sheet (we have copies in the office) to check your progress and the suggested sequence. 

·         Make a tentative list of courses you plan to take.  It is recommended that you list a few back-up courses.  You will review this list with a Secondary Ed advisor in our Advising Open House.

·         Read and sign the back side of the “unlock”  sheet to see important reminders and policies

·         Come to Keystone 212 on one of the days listed above.  We have walk-in advising.  Just come by and see us and we will help.

·         Visit your content area’s department for additional advising related to pre-requisites and course rotations for your content area.  It is helpful to take your advising sheet with you so they can check exact requirements. 

·         Be sure to watch announcements and email for information on how and when you can register.

·         Make a copy of list of courses for yourself and take the completed “unlock” form  back to the Secondary Education Department in Keystone 408 before prior to your registration day so we can remove your advising hold before your time to register. 


For more information:  Contact Dr. Connie Monroe