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FROM: Dr. Melissa Sovak RE: New Course Applied Regression
3/5/2014 9:10:28 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

A new course is available from the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems!  Applied Regression will be offered for the first time in Fall 2014. 

The course is open to any students who have completed MAT 215 or MAT 225. This course is also part of a new Statistics minor now available for students! 

Course Description: This course is an introductory level course in regression analysis.  This course begins with simple linear regression and associated one-way analysis of variance tables for regression analysis along with diagnostic measures for simple linear regression.  The course continues with more complicated regression models including general regression models, multiple regression, generalized linear models and a brief introduction to nonlinear estimation.  The course will cover the necessary linear algebra for completing regression.  An appropriate statistical package will be used to complete analysis.