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FROM: HEART RE: Healthy Monday Tip!!!!!!
6/26/2014 1:22:55 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Healthy Monday
Essentials for your beach bag

Vacation time is here! Don’t forget the essentials you will need for your beach bag to keep you safe and healthy while you are having fun in the sun.

·        Sunscreen: Sitting in the sun’s rays all day can cause harm to your skin, make sure to bring sun protection, either lotion or spray, with an SPF 50-70.

·        Protective clothing: On top of wearing sunscreen a hat and sunglasses are always a plus to help protect your face. Also remember to either cover up throughout the day or take a break in the shade to protect you from the sun and heat exhaustion.

·        Water: Being outside in the heat and sun without water can cause dehydration. Be sure to always pack a cooler with water to bring down to the beach and remember to hydrate through the day.

·        Snacks: The sun and heat can drain your body of energy, so make sure to pack snacks like fruit or nuts to help restore your body with protein and energy.

·         Swim Floaties: Although not as effective as a life jacket, floaties can help kids enjoy the water and reduce the risk of drowning.

·        Other essentials: Towels, book, magazines, chap stick, hair brush, hand sanitizer, beach toys.

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