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A picture of students walking on Cal U's campus.A picture of students walking on Cal U's campus.

Employees join campaign

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University Development

Posted on March 22, 2010

Employees Urged to Join Capital Campaign

Ten volunteers representing current and retired faculty and staff are

spearheading the faculty/staff component of The Campaign to Build Character

and Careers, the University's capital funds campaign.

Now under way, the fundraising drive has set a goal of $35 million to

support scholarships for students and enhancements to a variety of academic


Faculty, retired faculty and staff can expect to receive a personalized

letter and an information packet explaining the details of the campaign and

outlining its goals.

"Our students need scholarships," said Tim Susick, associate vice president

of the Office of Student Affairs, who serves on the volunteer committee.

Far too often I see students who simply can¹t take full advantage of the

opportunities Cal offers, both in and out of the classroom, because of their

desperate need for money.  I'm eager to support any opportunity to provide

them with additional scholarships.

In the past six years, nearly half of Cal U's faculty and staff have

contributed to the campaign, which began in 2004 and was announced to the

public at the 2009 President's Gala in June.

The current effort aims to increase the number of employees who become

donors at any level.

"We need everybody to contribute," said Bruce Barnhart, associate provost

and a committee member. I know from years of contact with alumni and other

donors that the example of faculty and staff investing in our students

encourages them to contribute, too.  It's very motivating to them to see

that our work with our students is as much a calling for us as it is a


Goals for The Campaign to Build Character and Careers include raising $15

million for student scholarships, addressing what President Angelo Armenti,

Jr. repeatedly has called "Cal U¹s greatest need."

About 93 percent of all current students receive some form of financial aid,

and the average Cal U student graduates with more than $22,000 in debt.

The campaign also seeks to raise:

·      $4 million to advance the Business and Economics program and

distinguish it as a separate School within the University.

·      $2.5 million to elevate the current honors program to a full-fledged

Honors College.

·      $2 million to support an endowed lecture series that will bring

world-class speakers to campus.

·      $2 million to support the Character Education Institute and its


·      $1 million to help pay travel and living expenses for students who

accept experiential learning opportunities through the Internship Center.

·      $2.5 million for other academic and program support.

·      $6 million for the Convocation Center, where a variety of naming

opportunities will be available.

"Joining the campaign is easy," said elementary/early childhood professor

Diane Nettles. "Even a small contribution will make a difference, and the

payroll deduction plan makes it simple to give."

Brenda DePaoli, executive staff assistant of Student Affairs, added: "It¹s amazing to see what staff and faculty have given to

students over the years.  These small and large gifts from so many people

really add up to a huge benefit for students."

Questions about the campaign can be directed to the volunteer committee

members or to the Office of University Development.

Join us in giving

To learn more about how faculty and staff can play a part in The Campaign to

Build Character and Careers, contact these committee members:


Bruce Barnhart

Len Colelli



Diane Nettles

Charles Nemeth


Emeriti faculty

Larry Romboski



Brenda DePaoli

Rhonda Gifford

Ellie Nesser

Barbara Sabo

Tim Susick


For more information, call University Development at Ext. 4960 or click