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Posted on August 13, 2010

The Institute of Criminological and Forensic Sciences at California University sponsored a training workshop for members of the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and the Taiwan National Police Agency.

Coursework for the workshop included an introduction to the American criminal justice system, digital forensics, criminal intelligence analysis, criminal profiling and social work.

Dr. John Cencich, dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the director of the institute, helped facilitate planning for the workshop and lectured throughout the event. 

"Our institute's reputation is growing and becoming very well-known," he said. "In the United States, we have experience training local police and FBI agents. We are now expanding internationally and are able to provide training to other countries."

Dr. Aref Al-Khattar, chair of the Department of Justice, Law and Society, ran the activities for 5 students and a professor from the UAE from July 26 - Aug. 5. Dr. Raymond Hsieh, an associate professor in the Department of Justice, Law and Society, led the training workshop for three forensic members of the Taiwan National Police Agency from Aug. 3 - Aug 10.

Visitors participated in lectures on campus, visited local courts and police headquarters, toured regional forensic laboratories, and spoke with FBI agents.

Before returning to Shargah, students visited Washington, D.C., to tour the White House, the Capitol and a number of monuments.

"The reputation of our program and the University is really helping us," said Dr. Al-Khattar. "We have very good credentials when presenting ourselves to the world in terms of faculty, resources and administration."

Other professors who provided training include: Dr. Emily Sweitzer and Mr. Barry Noel (Department of Justice, Law and Society); and Dr. Norma Thomas and Ms. Sheri Boyle (Department of Social Work).

Taiwan National Police Agency
Dr. Raymond Hsieh (from left to right), Forensics Science Section Police Sergeant Huang Kuan-Hao, Forensics Science Section Police Second-Lieutenant Tsai Min-Chun, President Angelo Armenti, Jr., Forensics Science Section Police Chief Sung Chung Ju and Dr. John Cencich pose for a portrait on Aug. 3, 2010.