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Posted on September 2, 2010

Getting Cal U's new learning management system, Desire2Learn, up and running was quite a production. But thanks to a team of dedicated faculty members, administrators and staff, the new software platform has been launched successfully.

Representatives from a variety of disciplines cleared their busy schedules to attend meetings, listen to input from faculty and students, and facilitate training sessions over the course of the past six months.

Desire2Learn, which helps to deliver course content and other information, takes the place of both the Blackboard and eCollege learning management systems.

During the spring and summer, course shells were migrated from both previous systems to Desire2Learn, ensuring that course content would be available in the new system for the start of the fall semester.

Face-to-face classes, one-on-one workshops and online training were facilitated through the Faculty Professional Development Center.

Becky Nichols, director of Applications and Academic Support and coordinator of the Desire2Learn project, said it really was a team effort.

"Everyone worked so hard to meet our deadline and make the transition as smooth as possible," she said.

With one learning management system, students and faculty will no longer need to learn two different systems. Course content for all classes, including undergraduate, graduate and Global Online, now can be accessed through Desire2Learn.

Starting this fall, all 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) will use the Desire2Learn software platform.

"The switch to a unified learning management system such as Desire2Learn not only provides for consistency in technological applications for our students, but also opens up more opportunities for collaboration with other PASSHE schools," said Dr. John Cencich, dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research.  

"To add to this consistency, we also recently merged all Desire2Learn administration under Global Online, which will service the entire University community."

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