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    Alexis Jones BiographyAlexis Jones Biography

    Alexis Jones Biography

    Portrait of Alexis Jones.Alexis Jones is an internationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, writer and founder of the empowerment company i am that girl. At only 27 years old, she has navigated the beauty industry as a teen model, earned a Masters in Communication from the University of Southern California, hosted TV shows on the red carpet and gained world-wide exposure as one of the final contestants on the CBS hit show, Survivor Micronesia.

    Alexis has created a bold reputation for herself due not only to her exceptional life experience, but her commitment to critical inquiry into the human experience and her passion for inspiring people to recognize and fulfill their highest potential. As an entrepreneur and expert on leadership, Generation Y and women’s issues, she is powered by pursuing her passion of leaving this world better than she found it.

    Alexis is quickly establishing herself as the tip of the spear as she ignites a 21st Century Revolution for women, leaders and all things Generation Y. Her authenticity combined with her entertaining, compelling nature makes her a unique and powerful personality born to speak to the masses!

    Alexis Jones

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