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Posted on August 4, 2011

A parking permit/hang tag is required for all members of the Cal U community who wish to park on the main campus or at Roadman Park, on the south campus.

Parking is enforced 24/7 on campus properties. A parking permit is required to park on campus unless you are using the pay-by-hour Vulcan Garage.

To register for parking and obtain a parking permit/hang tag, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the Cal U homepage,
  2. Click on “QuickLinks” (on the left) and choose “Parking” from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the parking Web page.
  3. Look for “Manage Your Parking Account” and click on the link to “Register for parking.”
  4. Click on the CAL U login. Then log in with the same username and password you use to access your Cal U e-mail account. Do NOT include “” as part of your username. (NOTE: If you have password-related problems, contact UTech Services [Link].)
  5. Once you have logged in, follow the steps to register your vehicle. 
  6. Next, add yourself to a waitlist by clicking the “Add/Edit Waitlists” link and selecting your preferred parking lot. (Remember that it may be harder to get a space in smaller lots.)
  7. When the waitlist sale opens, and if you are selected, an Award Letter will be sent to your Cal U e-mail account. Please watch for this important notification.
  8. Once you receive the Award Letter e-mail, you will be able to purchase the parking permit/hang tag. The Award Letter will include detailed instructions about how to purchase the permit.

More information about parking, including a parking map, fee schedule and list of Frequently Asked Questions, is available at

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the Parking and Transportation Office at 724-938-4677, or visit the office in Manderino 123, down the hall from the elevators on the first floor of the Vulcan Garage.