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Gates at the entrance of California University of PennsylvaniaGates at the entrance of California University of Pennsylvania


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Posted on August 31, 2012

From: Acting President Geraldine M. Jones
To: All students, faculty, staff, alumni and University friendsPortrait of Acting Cal U President Geraldine M. Jones.

This week it has been my great pleasure to meet informally with a number of Cal U students and their families.

On Move-In Day, during New Student Orientation and throughout the first week of school, I’ve talked to, and listened to, the people our University was created to serve.

It has been time well spent. Over and over, I’ve been reminded of all that is good about Cal U. I’ve returned to my office refreshed, and with a renewed commitment to our University and its future.

Three themes emerged clearly from these conversations:

— Cal U families care. Moms and dads, grandparents and siblings are rooting for our students to succeed. Each of our Cal U families has made an investment, both financial and emotional, in their student’s future. They are pleased to know that we are committed to offering both a high-quality education and a strong student support system.

Higher education is truly a family affair. I encountered many parents who are just as excited as their children about joining our Cal U community!

— Our student body is diverse. This week I spoke with students from all corners of Pennsylvania, and from points far beyond our borders. They’ve come to our University from rural communities, small towns and big cities.

Each student arrives at Cal U with a singular background and a unique set of expectations. This diversity contributes to a rich and vibrant campus atmosphere. It also may create challenges when we meet people who look, act or think differently. There is much we can learn from one another when we interact with civility and respect.

— Our students are glad to be here. This week I met many, many students who are enthusiastic about Cal U and looking forward to a productive academic year. They are especially eager to make new friends or reconnect with their professors or classmates.

Both new and returning students have mentioned the warm “Cal U welcome” they received when they came to campus. This friendly, welcoming atmosphere makes our University special, I’m told — and as a former Cal U student and a longtime employee, I heartily agree.

Let me close this week by thanking everyone who has worked hard to get the fall semester off to a strong start.

Signature of Acting President Geraldine Jones.

(Please look for President Jones’ next message to the Cal U community on Sept. 14.)

Meet Acting President Geraldine M. Jones