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    Heather Arnet

    portrait of Heather Arnet. Heather Arnet is a tireless advocate for women’s and girls’ rights locally, nationally and internationally. 

    In her role as chief executive officer of the Women and Girls Foundation (WGF), she is a regular op-ed contributor to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Daily Beast and Huffington Post, and an on-air commentator to local and national media regarding women’s and girls’ rights and economic security.

    Arnet has appeared on the “Today Show,” “CNN Headline News,” “Paula Zahn Show,” “Hannity & Colmes”, “Scarborough Country,” “ABC World News” and “CBS Nightly News” as well as National Public Radio and the BBC.

    This year Arnet was identified as "One of the 21 Leaders for a New Century" by Women's Enews. 

    In addition to her work at WGF, Arnet writes and directs feminist theater and film. She serves as a board director of the Ms. Foundation for Women and the international Women’s Funding Network, and as chair of the board of the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh. She also is a member of several advisory boards, including WQED Multimedia and The Forbes Fund.

    Arnet is a former elected board director of the Pittsburgh Public Schools.