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Singers, actors, public speakers, and even teachers know the incredible power of the human voice. And anyone who’s cheered loud and long for a sports team knows that a voice can be damaged in just a few hours.

About 30 actors, singers, public speakers and other vocal performers will learn techniques to empower and preserve their voices when the Department of Theatre and Dance hosts an Estill Voice International workshop June 26-30. A student records her voice while a teacher and classmate watch

Estill Voice International teaches vocal techniques that can:

  • Make a voice clearer and more powerful.
  • Create a distinctive sound, such as a twang, sob or operatic voice.
  • Prevent damage and maintain vocal health — a necessity for anyone whose livelihood depends on his or her voice.

Sessions will be led by Estill Voice founder Dr. Kim Steinhauer. Dr. Michele Pagen, chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance, also will be on hand.

Founded in 1988, Estill Voice Training “offers a clear and concise vocabulary for describing what voices can do and powerful exercises that allow voices to realize their full potential – be it for better speaking or for better singing,” the organization says.

This is the sixth consecutive year that Cal U has hosted an Estill Voice Training workshop.