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Posted on October 10, 2014

Visitors who wish to park at California University while attending Homecoming Day events on Oct. 11 may use Lot 4 (the River Lot) or the Vulcan Garage, where parking will be free from 8 a.m.-11 p.m.

Road closures, Oct. 11:

Third Street: Closed on campus beginning at 7 a.m. and continuing throughout the day.

Hickory Street: Closed from Sixth Street to Third Street, also starting at 7 a.m.

Parade participants can access Lot 4 (the River Lot) via Green Street and Second Street. The River Lot also will be available, via Second Street, to the campus community, alumni and other Homecoming guests.

Campus parking changes, Oct. 11:

• Lot 21 will be closed to traffic so family activities can be held.

• Lot 11 will be used for the Homecoming Queen’s court and parade vehicles.

• Lot 2 will be open to permit holders and those attending the President’s Circle Brunch.

Vulcan Flyer shuttles

Vulcan Flyer shuttles will operate as usual until 11:30 a.m. Oct. 11.

Service will resume immediately after the parade, when the shuttle stops at Booker Towers to take fans to the football game at Adamson Stadium.

Shuttle service between Roadman Park and the main campus will continue until 11 p.m.

Parking downtown, Oct. 11:

No parking will be permitted from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Oct. 11 on Second Street (200 to 500 blocks), Third Street (200 and 400 blocks) and Union Street (200 block) in California Borough.

Vehicles that are parked along the parade routes will receive a parking ticket from California Borough Police beginning at 9 a.m. After 10 a.m., vehicles parked along the route will be towed.