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Posted on January 21, 2015

Do you need to park at the east end of campus while you grab a meal or visit the Convocation Center?

Cal U’s Department of Parking and Transportation has installed a pay-by-license meter in Lot 11, behind Gallagher Hall. Or you can pay by using a smartphone app.

Lot 11 permit holders continue to have unmetered access to the parking area.

But this pilot project gives drivers without Lot 11 parking permits convenient access to the Convocation Center, Morgan Hall and Gallagher Hall, Cal U’s primary dining facility during the Natali Student Center renovations.

Use the meter

Similar to those found on city streets and at other State System schools, the pay-by-license meter is located in the transit shelter behind the building.

To pay by the hour for any available parking space in Lot 11:

  • Go to the meter and enter your license plate number.
  • Select the length of your stay.
  • Pay the rate indicated with $1 bills or a credit card.

There is no reason to go back to the car. Your license plate becomes your parking permit.

If you pay by credit card you can choose to receive a text message before the meter expires. You also can use your smartphone to add time on the meter.

Use the app

To bypass the meter altogether, use a smartphone app to pay for parking.

  • Download the free PassportParking Mobile Pay app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Register and link a credit card to your account.
  • Use the app to pay for parking in Lot 11.

Pilot project

The Lot 11 meter and mobile app are part of a pilot project to determine the value of extending hourly paid parking options in high-traffic areas of campus.

Meter use will be evaluated during the spring and fall semesters. Then University officials decide whether to offer additional pay-by-license meters or mobile solutions at other high-traffic areas on campus.

Christopher Johnston, director of Parking and Transportation, says if the project is expanded, the University may consider allowing students to use CalCards to pay for metered parking.