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Gates at the entrance of California University of PennsylvaniaGates at the entrance of California University of Pennsylvania


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Posted on April 11, 2016

To: All students, faculty, staff, alumni and University friends
From: University President Geraldine M. Jones

Portrait of President Geraldine M. Jones“Cal U continues to move forward.”

That’s how I began my very first message to our campus community when I was named acting president in 2012. I committed myself then to facing challenges head-on, to seeking workable solutions, and to continue building on Cal U’s strong legacy of high-quality academics and student-focused education.  

I renew that promise today as our University takes another step forward. I am honored to serve as Cal U’s seventh president and grateful for the opportunity to continue working on behalf of this remarkable institution and its students, faculty and staff.

The need for innovation has never been greater than at this moment in Cal U’s history. Digital technology is reshaping the teaching and learning environment. Demographic shifts have altered our student population. The pace of change is accelerating, and it will take collaborative, creative thinking to keep up.

Fortunately, we have no lack of talent on this campus. And for that reason, among so many others, I am confident that our University’s future is bright.

I have always considered Cal U a very special place — one that changes lives for the better each and every day. Working together, we can realize the full potential of our University. Side by side, we can continue to move ahead.

My goal, now and in the future, is to ensure that Cal U remains a place of opportunity for every member of our campus community. I ask you to join me in that effort.

With warm regards,

Interim President Jones' signature.
Geraldine M. Jones
President, California University of Pennsylvania

Read the April 7, 2016, announcement of President Jones’ appointment by the State System of Higher Education.

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