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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


The Financial Aid Office reviews Academic Progress for students using the criteria listed in the Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  Students are reviewed for Title IV progress at the end of term of enrollment, including Summer.

Pennsylvania State Grant (PHEAA)

Academic Progress as defined by PHEAA. For additional information refer to

A student is required to successfully complete a minimum of six (6) semester credits per semester (or the equivalent) for each part-time State Grant received and a minimum of twelve (12) semester credits per semester (or the equivalent) for each full-time State Grant received. Credits earned for repeat courses which were previously counted when State Grant progress was verified cannot be counted again. Academic progress is confirmed by the financial aid administrator at your school at the end of each academic year; failure to meet the minimum requirements means that you are ineligible for further State Grant aid until you have successfully completed the required number of credits. For example, a student receiving a full-time State Grant during the Fall semester and a part-time State Grant during the Spring semester must successfully complete a minimum of eighteen (18) semester credits before being eligible for any further State Grant aid. Full-time students progressing at the rate of only twenty-four (24} semester credits per year (or the equivalent), while meeting the minimum State Grant progress standard, will utilize all of their State Grant eligibility before completing their program. If you have any questions regarding your academic progress or credits which may be counted toward State Grant academic progress, you should contact your school financial aid administrator.


Most institutional scholarships require a 3.0 QPA or to meet the minimum Federal Satisfactory Academic Policy requirements. All other awards are reviewed on an individual basis as defined by the award criteria. We will inform you via your student Cal U email account and the Student Vulcan Information Portal if your current eligibility or renewal eligibility is not meeting the established minimum requirements.

Appeal Forms

Federal SAP Appeal Form

Federal SAP Maximum Time Frame Appeal

PHEAA Academic Progress Exception Form

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