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Recommend a Vulcan!

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Do you know someone who might be an excellent candidate for the undergraduategraduate or Global Online programs at Cal U?

Then make a referral through our "Recommend a Vulcan" program!

When the candidate you recommend applies for admission, Cal U will waive the $25 application fee.

Who can make a recommendation?

We welcome referrals from all members of the Cal U community:

  • Current students
  • Alumni
  • Faculty members
  • Staff members
  • Community members and University friends

Why refer someone through the ‘Recommend a Vulcan’ program?

  • You had an excellent experience at Cal U.
  • You know someone who could benefit from a Cal U education.
  • You want to make a positive impact on someone’s life.
  • Your candidate would enhance the Cal U student body.
  • Cal U could improve your candidate’s career prospects.
  • Cal U offers a specialized program in which your candidate is interested.
  • Cal U’s “one-stop” approach helps students succeed.
  • Your candidate will save $25 when he/she applies for admission, because Cal U will waive the application fee! 

Recommend a Vulcan now!

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Undergraduate programs:

Graduate programs:

Cal U Global Online (100% online programs):

  • *Due to the competitive nature of the program, at this time we are unable to waive the application fee for applicants in the Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) program.

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