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This is a photo of students at commencement ceremonies.This is a photo of students at commencement ceremonies.

Success Stories

Graduates of California University of Pennsylvania's Global Online programs have done more than earn their master's degrees. They have become members of an elite international group of students who, through technology, changed the course of their careers and their lives.

This is a photo of Angel Fidler.Angel Fidler

Program: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

From: Brigham City, Utah

"The program was provided in a format that allowed me to continue my education while raising five children. It was very important to me to be able to have a lot of flexibility in my schedule with my husband, who is in the military, being deployed."

This is a photo of Vanessa Herbin SmithVanessa Herbin-Smith

Program: Legal Studies/ Law and Public Policy/ Homeland Security

From: Philadelphia, Pa.

"I was looking for a legal studies master's program to complement my bachelor's degree in paralegal studies ... this program was a great complement to my undergraduate degree."

This is a photo of Tracie VanHookTracie VanHook

Program: Exercise Science

From: Oakland, Calif.

"For a long time I've wanted to continue my education in exercise science. As a single mom, it was very difficult to find a program where I did not have to take time off of work to attend classes full time or part time while I support my children. When this program came out, I knew that this was absolutely the program for me ... . My colleagues and I all talked about pursuing our master's degrees through Cal U, but I was the first to actually step up and do it. After hearing about my experiences through Global Online, my colleagues are now applying. It's a good feeling to know that I led the way."

This is a photo of Jennifer Rohr.Jennifer Rohr

Program: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

From: Neuchatel, Switzerland

"I used to be a high-performance tennis coach, focusing primarily on professional athletes. My courses through Cal U have changed the way I look at my profession - I now train people 35 and older and children. I'll never see (my profession) in the same light again."


This is a photo of Steven Edwards.Steven Edwards

Program: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

From:  Draper, Utah

"... (Exercise Science and Health Promotion through Cal U's Global Online) seemed like a very concise program in which I could accomplish a lot in a relatively short period of time. I was able to receive the information I needed to further my career in about a year, and also to be able to do it online ... the convenience is definitely a plus".

This is a photo of Mark Shires.Mark Shires, MS, ATC, PES

Program: Master of Science Exercise Science - Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Track

From: Crofton, Md.

"... If you do not want to give up your job, but work toward your master's degree, this is the most efficient way to do it."





This is a photo of Marty Miller.Marty Miller

Program: Master of Science Exercise Science - Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Track

From: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

 "... be ready for a fast-paced year of intense learning. Earning a master's degree through Global Online is by far the best decision I have ever made in my career. I have encouraged many others to pursue their master's from Cal U ... . I am as proud of my master's degree from Cal U as any other professional achievement I have accomplished."

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