Non-Degree Applicants

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Non-Degree Applicants

Although most graduate students at Cal U are enrolled in degree programs, there are opportunities to take some graduate programs, either for personal or professional growth or for certification, without becoming an applicant for a University graduate degree.

If you wish to take graduate courses at California University but do not wish to enroll in a formal certification program or as a possible applicant for a degree, you will nevertheless have to apply for admission and pay the normal application fee. Your acceptance will be based on the amount and quality of your preparation as determined by the academic department in which you will be taking courses.

Upon admission, non-degree students may be limited in the total number of credits they may complete. Financial Aid cannot be processed for non-degree students. Non-degree students may not seek or secure a degree or certification preparation. Non-degree students who wish to earn a degree or certification must formally apply for admission to the program.

Graduate students from other universities (sometimes known as "transient students") who wish to take courses at California University of Pennsylvania should be certain, before they enroll, that the courses they plan to take here will be counted toward their graduate programs at their home institutions.