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Most graduate students are only eligible for loans to finance their graduate education. However, there are limited scholarships available that are worth graduate students investing the time to research.

The best scholarship resource for graduate students are outside miscellaneous scholarships. If willing to put the time in, graduate students can be greatly successful obtaining scholarship funding. We highly recommend all students search for alternative scholarship funding.

Search for available graduate scholarships from the list below:

At Cal U Endowed Scholarships are mostly geared towards undergraduate students. However, there are a few scholarship awards that the Financial Aid Office works closely with the Graduate School of Research to award each year.

The listing below represents those awards that are either made by the Financial Aid Office or another department on campus that require no additional application or involvement from the student. This list represents scholarships awarded in the previous academic year and are subjected to change as per the donor agreements. Please understand during any given year some of these scholarships may or may not be awarded depending on funding availability.

  • Booker Leadership Scholarship
  • Charles Slick Football Scholarship
  • Dishong Graduate Scholarship
  • G. Ralph Smith II Scholarship
  • Lebois Graduate Scholarship
  • Linda Vecchitto Memorial Scholarship
  • Lippencott Family Football Scholarship
  • Mary Lonigro Scholarship
  • Oren Holman Endowment Fund
  • Perry Family Scholarship
  • Teacher Excellence Center Scholarship
  • Zeta Epsilon of DZ Scholarship