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Financial Aid Information for Consortium Agreements


During the course of your academic career, you may want to take a course(s) at another institution and transfer the course(s) back to your degree program. This can be accomplished through a Consortium Agreement and you may be eligible to receive financial aid.

This Consortium Agreement is a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes.  It also certifies only one of the two institutions can administer financial aid.

This Consortium Agreement refers to the two colleges/universities as the "Home Institution" and the "Host Institution:"

The Home Institution is the school where the student is fully admitted and from which he/she will earn a degree. The Home institution pays out the financial aid to the student and will not pay any funds directly to the Host institution.

The Host Institution is where the student temporarily takes courses, whose credits will be transferred back to his/her “Home Institution.” The student is responsible to pay for the classes at the Host institution.

If you are interested in a Consortium Agreement, please stop by the Financial Aid Office for more information about the process and for the necessary paperwork.