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Financial Aid Information for Military Students

Military Students and Financial Aid

We encourage all Military and Veteran’s pursuing a degree at Cal U to take advantage of the benefits that may be available to you to fund your program of study.  Please contact our VA office for more information regarding Military and Veteran’s benefits.  They can be reached at 724-938-4076 or you can email them at Please also visit the website at:

Students using military benefits such as Federal Tuition Assistance or VA Education Benefits (Chapter Benefits) are able to use federal financial aid in conjunction with their benefits to fund their costs if needed. Please understand that TA is counted as a financial aid resource whereas VA Education Benefits (Chapter Benefits) are not. This means that we may need to reduce previously awarded and/or disbursed student loans if we are notified that you are awarded TA after you have been awarded financial aid. Typically the Financial Aid office is not notified of your Tuition Assistance award until after a semester has begun.  In most cases you will have already been awarded financial aid up to your maximum cost of attendance and in some cases it is already disbursed and you may receive a refund.  If we receive notification of Federal Tuition Assistance after this has happened, we are required to send back loan money to the lenders which may result in you owing back all or a portion of the refund you received.  If you know you are going to receive Federal Tuition Assistance prior to the start of the semester, we encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office to let us know so that we can process your financial aid accordingly to avoid refunds being owed back to the school.

If you have any questions regarding how your federal financial aid, VA Education Benefits (Chapter Benefits), and Federal Tuition Assistance relate or work together please contact the Financial Aid office at 724-938-4415 or email us at