Packing for College and Living in the Residence Halls

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College Packing List and Living in the Residence HallsCollege Packing List and Living in the Residence Halls

Packing for College and Living in the Residence Halls

Students return to Cal U for the spring 2016 semester on Jan. 19. To help with their transition into residence hall life, we asked students to help compile a packing list and give important tips for living with others. 

College packing list

Did you know there are a few items that are prohibited from Cal U’s residence halls? Download this college packing list that was created with recommendations from our students. Also, check out what to bring and what to leave behind in the Pinterest boards below. One new addition for the Spring 2016 semester: Hoverboards are not permitted in University residence halls.

Follow California University of Pennsylvania's board What to Bring to Cal U on Pinterest. Follow California University of Pennsylvania's board What to Leave at Home on Pinterest.

Living in the Residence Halls

For real talk about life in the residence halls, we asked Shawn McCoy, a graduate student and former Community Assistant, for his best tips:

  1. Bring your own toilet paper. It’s not a hotel.
  2. You’re an adult now. Stop locking yourself out of your room. Do whatever it takes, even if you have to wear your key/CalCard on a lanyard around your neck.
  3. Nobody is going to take your trash out for you, even if you leave bags in the hallway. (Don’t leave bags in the hallway.)
  4. The movies are free. Almost every activity on campus is free.
  5. A student jumps into his Cal U residence hall bed. There is a club for everything. Hey, there’s even a Quidditch Club. Join one. You might make some new friends.
  6. Ask your CA anything; those Community Assistants can point you in the right direction. And make suggestions — if you ask for something in the halls, it may actually happen.
  7. Go do stuff. “It’s boring” because you stay in your room. (See #4. And No. 5.)
  8. Keep an open mind. Cal U is a diverse place. College is all about social immersion, and it all starts in the halls.
  9. Check your e-mail. The Cal U one. Every day. It’s where the important (and time-sensitive) notices get sent.
  10. Most interesting room decoration I saw as a CA? The life-size Justin Bieber cut-out. Whatever makes you feel at home, I guess.

Who to contact for housing information:

University Housing
Residence Hall B

Visit University Housing online