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Common College Questions

student welcomes visitors to Cal UFall is the time when new students are still settling in to college life. It’s also a popular time to plan a college visit if you are a junior or senior in high school. For both kinds of students, there are questions you may have about fitting in, making friends, choosing a major or career, and paying for school.

The Welcome Center at Cal U organizes orientation sessions for new students as well as open houses (we call them Discovery Days) where prospective students can take a look around.

If you’d like to know more about scheduling campus tour, check out the "Visit Campus" section of our website and and choose “events.”

Here are common questions and answers:

  1. Will I have a job after graduation/How can I choose a major?: Our Career and Professional Development Center is a great resource.
  2. How can I make college affordable?: Our Tuition & Aid section has answers and options for paying for your education in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and work-study jobs.
    Also, learn more about Cal U’s Four-Year Graduation Plan, our commitment to helping you earn your degree in a timely manner and saving your money in the process.
  3. Am I going to fit in/What is there to do on campus?:  Clubs and organizations, special events, intramural sports and our fitness center, volunteer opportunities are just a few ways to get involved and meet new people at college.
  4. College is fast-paced. Will I be able to manage the work load?: You’re going to do great! But if you need a little help, be sure to visit the Office of Academic Success for the tutoring center, math lab, reading clinic, writing center, mentoring options and more.

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