How to Find Your Career Advantage

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How to Find Your Career Advantage

How to choose a college major? How to choose a career? These are some of the questions the advisers at the Career and Professional Development Center, located in the Natali Student Center, can help you answer.

Here are some ways to develop your Career Advantage:

  1. Visit the Career Center early in your college career. An online career assessment can help to clarify your interests and abilities. Take the time to find out about yourself, what you are good at, and what you enjoy.
  2. Explore occupations for yourself: Look at all of your options. Consider job shadowing with people in careers that interest you.
  3. Get involved in internships, co-ops, externships, extra-curricular activities, volunteer experiences, practice interviews and other hands-on activities. They are great ways to test out your choices and build your resume with on-the-job experience.
  4. Network, network, network!: Take advantage of the alumni network, attend networking events and use online professional networks, such as LinkedIn, to find professionals in your field. Respect their time and ask specific questions. Don’t ask for a job; ask for career advice instead. Be ready to send them your resume should they request it.

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