Packing Up & Moving Out

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Packing Up & Moving OutPacking Up & Moving Out

Packing Up & Moving Out

Residence Hall Closing Instructions A student packs up his belongings scattered about in a messy room.

With so much to do at the end of the academic year, it’s easy to lose track of some of the details. Here are some guidelines for students moving out of the residence halls. Students will receive more detailed information, both through email and at a floor meeting.

The residence halls close Friday, May 6 at 8 pm. Students must be completely moved out of their rooms by then or within 24 hours of their last final – whichever comes first.

Students who need to stay past 8 pm Friday (graduates, others participating in the ceremony such as choir and color guard members, or athletes engaged in post-season play, must contact the residence hall director to make arrangements to do so by Wednesday May 4.

Before leaving, students must:

  • Clean the room. Students will be bill for excessively dirty rooms that require extra cleaning.
  • Return all furniture to its original position, with beds unbanked and dressers assembled.
  • Take all garbage to the trash room. Any large items like furniture must be taken to the outside dumpster.
  • Remove all personal belongings. Anything left behind will be discarded after closing.
  • Have the room inspected by a Community Assistant, who will use the original Room Condition Report to assess its final status with the student present. The student will then sign the RCR to acknowledge the inspection.
  • Turn in the key at the hall office.

The easiest way to ensure that this process is smooth and stress free is for your student to follow instructions and not wait until the last minute. Students will be billed for damages to the room, excessive cleaning and not turning keys in. The halls are cleaned immediately following graduation, so retrieving forgotten belongings is often impossible. It is not advisable to pack using garbage bags unless you are taking them to your vehicle immediately, as they are easily mistaken for trash in all the activity. 

Encourage your student to begin packing early. If you live close enough, you may even wish to make a trip (or two!) to campus to take some things home prior to closing to ease that final move. Students have more belongings than you or they think, more than they had when they moved in, and it will take longer to pack than they think it will. Please contact University Housing at or 724-938-4444 if you have any questions.