How to select the right college for you

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How to select the right college for you

The college search process can seem a bit overwhelming. Here are some suggestions on how to narrow down your search for a university that’s perfect for you: 

  • Research your career: If you know what you would like to study, narrow your college search by focusing on schools that offer a relevant major. Here’s a list of academic majors at Cal U. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your major. Here are career-planning resources.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor: They meet with college recruiters every year and can offer insight into schools you may be considering.
  • Visit, visit, visit: The only way that you can know what a school is really like is by visiting. As you take the campus tour, imagine yourself attending this college. Do you feel comfortable on campus? Do you like the residence halls? Are the lecture halls large or small? These are all important factors.
  • Apply and be realistic: By Thanksgiving of your senior year, you should have applied to between three and five colleges. If you aren’t accepted to the top school on your list, don’t panic. By applying to several schools, you’re almost certain to find a good fit!

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