Help for Feeling Homesick

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Help for Feeling Homesick

It’s natural for many students to feel homesick at some point in their college careers. Living at a university with people you don’t know and being away from family and friends can all bring on feelings of anxiety, sadness or even depression.

While homesickness can be a painful emotion, it also provides you with the opportunity to grow as you become more independent and increase your self-esteem.

Remember, Cal U cares about the health and wellness of all our students. If you’re having difficulty adjusting to living on campus, contact the Cal U Counseling Center. 

Here are some practical ways to cope when you’re missing home: 

  • Accept it: It’s OK to miss home and feel a little sad. But you will survive this! 
  • Analyze it: What are you missing the most? Are you having trouble meeting people with the same interests? See which parts of homesickness you can control. 
  • Participate: Take part in events and organizations to meet other people.
  • Make yourself at home: Decorate your room with posters, pictures or other items to make your room feel more ‘homey.’ 
  • Stay in touch: Try to take trips home, or at least call or email regularly. It’s important to stay in touch psychologically if you can’t physically. 
  • But set limits: Don’t dwell on thoughts of home. Refocus so that your mind is busy on things you are doing now. 
  • Relax: Read, volunteer, listen to music, exercise – any positive activity that calms you down. 
  • Make friends: Talk to people in your residence hall, classes or student organizations.

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