Top Ten Resume Writing Tips

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Resume Writing TipsResume Writing Tips

Top Ten Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is your personal marketing tool.  It allows you to communicate your skills, experience, and qualifications that best match the position for which you are applying; and, if effective, will help you in obtaining an interview!

Here are some tips to think about when you are writing your resume. Writing a resume

  1. Target or “tailor” your resume.  One resume doesn’t fit all! Tailor your resume so that it highlights the skills, experiences, and qualifications the employer is seeking for the position.
  1. Prioritize your accomplishments.  Things that show off your achievements should be placed before others that are less important.  Remember, the employer will be reading from the top of your resume to the bottom, so help them to see your most relevant accomplishments first by organizing your resume effectively!
  2. Keep it short.  Employers take approximately 15-30 seconds to review your resume and to decide if your resume is worth reading entirely.  Try to keep your resume to one page if possible.
  3. Use keywords.  If there are specific skills, experience, or qualifications mentioned in the job posting, use those keywords when appropriate in your resume! Whether the organization uses a computerized applicant tracking system or a human being to review incoming resumes, your resume will stand out from the crowd as a good “match.” 
  1. Use action words.  Try starting off bulleted sentences with action words like developed, implemented, or coordinated. Sample lists of effective action words are available online and in CAL U’s Red Book, which is accessible at
  2. Avoid using a template.  Make your resume look original.  Research examples of resumes and pull together different aspects of each to create your own format.
  3. Make it neat and professional.  Employers will notice a resume if it is organized neatly and professionally.  Try to make sure there is ample white space. Use one font such as Arial or Calibri.
  1. Avoid typos.  Employers view the misspelling of words on your resume as careless and sloppy.  It will imply how you will do your job for them if you are hired.
  2. Have someone review your resume.  Make sure it is proofread and perfect before you submit it to a any potential employers.  Take your resume to your campus Career Center or local job search agency to be reviewed and to get tips! 
  1. Get your resume out there! Be sure to upload your resume on your campus Career Center’s web site, on LinkedIn, on specific employer job posting sites and with your local job search agency. The more employers who view your resume, the better chance you’ll have of getting an interview!