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Here is the yearly cost estimate for attending Cal U, 2017-2018 For more information, contact the Student Accounts Office.

How much will you pay to attend Cal U? The answer varies depending on where you live, which program you choose, and the room and board options you select. For most students, basic costs include tuition, fees, University housing and your meal plan.

The average cost to attend Cal U for an undergraduate student enrolled in 12 credits, who lives on campus, and is a resident of Pennsylvania is $20,826.80. That figure includes:

Yearly Cost Estimate for Attending Cal U, 2017- 2018

Item Cost
Tuition: $7,492.00
Fees: $3,148.80
Housing: $6,592.00
14-meal plan: $3,594.00
TOTAL $20,826.80

Tuition and Fees

The cost of attending Cal U varies depending on your place of residence, student level (undergraduate or graduate) and full-time or part-time status. Tuition is set by the Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.


Housing and Meal Plans

If you choose to live on campus, your University housing and meal plan options also will affect the final cost for you to attend Cal U.


Net Price Calculator

Use this online tool to calculate an estimated cost to attend California University of Pennsylvania.