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1852 History1852 History


Bessemer1834 - Common School Act is passed in Pennsylvania.

May 1, 1849 - The new community of California is plotted. Founders Job Johnson, George Hornbake, Abram Frye, William Jackman, William Ashmead, and John Wood name town California due to excitement over the Gold Rush.

Oct. 25, 1851 - The first formal meeting for the establishment of a public school held. People at the meeting resolve to build a two-story brick schoolhouse, 25 feet wide by 50 feet long.

Oct. 27, 1851 - The location of schoolhouse is determined.

Nov. 1851 - The foundation of the schoolhouse is dug.

1852 - The school closes after one year.

18521852 - The school reopens as an academy.

1853 - The Common Pleas Court of Washington County grants a charter for incorporation of town of California.

1856 - The California Seminary outgrows original building and expands.

1857 - Pennsylvania Normal School Act passes; divides state into 12 Normal School Districts; private companies would establish normal schools.

1852Jan. 27, 1859 - G.V. Lawrence of Washington County presents a petition to the House of Representatives to make the California Seminary the Normal School of the Tenth District; bill passes both houses and goes to Governor William Packer for signature. The bill would give the seminary "all the powers and privileges of a state normal school and a common school combined." The bill would not require the seminary to comply with the Normal School Act of 1857.

April 1859 - Governor Packer vetoes the bill because of the combination of powers in the school and inconsistency with the law. Ellis Johnson resigns as principal.

Uncle Tom's CabinDec. 1859 - Millersville Normal School is the first to be recognized.