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A photo of the Statue of Liberty taken during the 1800s

A photo of a bridge taken in the 1800s1881 - Jennie Adams Carter is the first African American woman to graduate from the college.

October 1881 - Professors Jackman and Murphy organize a group of male students into the school's first military company.

1883 - Alumni Association formally organized.

February 1883
- Beard requests a two-month leave, and resigns when it is not granted.

April 2, 1883
- Trustees promote Dr. Theodore Bland Noss from vice-principal to principal; Beard is angered because the election occurred before his term ended.

A photo of horse-driven street car
July 2, 1883
- Election held again and Dr. Noss is officially named principal of the school.

A photo of the railway station in the town of California Pennsylvania, taken in the 1800s

November 20, 1885 - Famed orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass speaks at the school, defending the "Martyr of Harper's Ferry," John Brown.

1888 - First recorded baseball game played between the Philo and Clio literary societies; Philo wins 15 to 5.

1889 - S.P. West is the first African American male to graduate from the college.