Program Level Assement of Institutional Effectiveness

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    Program-Level Assessment

    Program-level Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

    Throughout the academic year, California University of Pennsylvania faculty are engaged in a standardized assessment process to determine if students in their programs are actually learning what faculty say the students should be learning.  This practice is called Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (ASLO) and is part of the bigger process of Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (ASLO) and is part of the bigger process of assessment of institutional effectiveness and Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation.  Additionally, ASLO is aligned with other academic reporting, such as the university strategic plan, department annual reports and five-year program reviews.

    Cal U has been conducting university-wide assessment of student learning outcomes since 1990.  A university-wide ASLO committee, consisting of faculty from  each college and an associate provost, coordinate the ASLO process.  The committee members, known as assessment coordinators, develop timetables, forms, the report evaluation rubric, and other useful materials.  The committee also provides individualized assistance for program facilitators (ASLO report writers) and evaluates the year-end reports.

    2014-2015 ASLO Committee

    College of Education and
    Human Services
    Chris Harman
    Health Sciences Department
    Bonnie Laing
    Social Work Department
    College of Liberal Arts Justin Hackett
    Psychology Department
    Christina Fisanick
    English Department
    Eberly College of Science
    and Technology
    Joan Clites
    Nursing Department
    Gary DeLorenzo
    Math, Computer Science, and
    Computer Information Systems
    School of Graduate
    Studies and Research
    Grafton Eliason
    Counselor Education
    Peter Heh
    Special Education Department
    Academic Affairs Caryl Sheffield
    Associate Provost

    Resources for Program Facilitators

    The Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Handbook details the procedures for completing the year-end ASLO report.  Program faculty will find this handbook helpful as they prepare their annual reports. 

    Periodically, the ASLO committee conducts Program Facilitator Training for faculty whose responsibility it is to write the year-end report for their programs.  View access to the video of the training and PowerPoint slides.

    Additional Resources

    Guidelines for Program-Level ASLO

    ASLO checklist

    Year-end report template

    Program facilitators (report writers)

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