Reports from the Democratic National Convention

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Reports from the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention is over!

September 11, 2012

 I heard great speeches over the past three days.

It took a lot of hard work and long hours by many people to make it happen.

It was a very eye-opening experience to look into the inner world of politics, campaigns and elections. I've never worked so many hours in the day before, but now its time to sleep (for at least two or three days)!

Every detail counts

September 3, 2012

Busy, busy, busy! That's all it is! We are busy organizing every detail. There are so many guests and events here at the Democratic National Convention,and every fine detail is crucial!

Today was the Pennsylvania delegates’ welcome reception at the beautiful Randolph Mint Museum in Charlotte. What a fantastic party. And I’ve got the perfect assignment — you meet everyone at the welcome desk/information desk!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Democrats’ 2012 convention. Its so exciting to be here and to be a part of everything. For the first time, I get to view the inside of a national political convention!

Camilla Cionni (center) and Breanna Blose (right) at the delegate's party at the Randolph Mint Museum in Charlotte. Camilla Cionni (center) and Breanna Blose (right) at the delegate's party at the Randolph Mint Museum in Charlotte. 

Pulling together

September 2, 2012 

The delegates have arrived!

The past two days of field work have been insanely busy! Everyone has a job, and we all are pulling together for the convention.

I've already met so many people and had dinner with some pretty important political figures, including state Sen. Daylin Leach, of Pennsylvania's 17th District.

Let's hope this trend continues! 


August, 31, 2012

Today the Washington Center had the pleasure of hearing from TWO pioneers in the political world: Harvey Grant and U.S. Rep. Melvin Watt.

Both were so honest and passionate.

There seems to be a theme with the guest speakers: PASSION! One thing I've learned so far, you have to be passionate about politics to be able to do it.

Everyone received placements for fieldwork (finally). I am working with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. The description says "information desk.” More details to come!

I also have a conference call tomorrow ... like a grown up!!

Camilla Cionni with cutouts of President Obama and Vice President Biden. Camilla Cionni stands with cardboard cutouts of President Obama and Vice President Biden. 

A moving speech

August 27, 2012

Today Patricia Cotham, a North Carolina state legislator for District 100, gave the most inspirational, emotional speech I've ever heard! It was amazing.

She focused on every issue, like being the youngest single female in the state House. She talked about the struggles and discrimination she has experienced over the years and how she has triumphed over them all.

It was a moving speech for everyone.

She stayed late and answered every single person’s questions — and answered with details. She could not have done a better job.

Afterward, she received a standing ovation!

I look forward to more speakers like this. She was so personal and approachable (especially since we weren't exactly her constituents). 

Patricia Cotham is truly an asset to North Carolina.

On another note, everyone is anxiously awaiting their fieldwork assignments. We should know by Wednesday!

The first day of meetings

August 26, 2012

Today was a great first day of sessions and meeting in our small groups. 

The guest speakers were so informative about the world of committees, especially Dr. Dan Murrey, the executive director of the Charlotte 2012 Host Committee.

So much has gone into the planning and organizing of every little detail of this big event. He offered an interesting perspective as a medical doctor, too.    

Another great speaker was Sean Hermann, who attended the Democratic National Convention in 2008. He offered a fantastic recap of his experience, with advice for everyone.

Since there are so many students (here for The Washington Center program), we are broken up into multiple small groups. We meet after lectures to discuss the readings, speakers and current events, and to connect it all to the (presidential) campaign and the convention.

It has been a wonderful time, and I've met so many people! 

Finally in Charlotte

August 25, 2012 

We have finally arrived in Charlotte!

Today was just a "check in" day. With our free time, we decided to walk around the city. We stumbled across an LGBT pride parade and caught a free Trina concert.

Plus I've all ready met so many great people.

All this on the first day!

I think its safe to say this is going to be a great trip. I can't wait to get started tomorrow!

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Sept. 4-6
Charlotte, N.C.

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