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Eberly College of Science and TechnologyEberly College of Science and Technology

Eberly College of Science and Technology

At the Eberly College of Science and Technology, we offer more than 40 scientific, technological and career-oriented degree programs to prepare you for the rapidly changing and complex demands of the industrial, business and health care fields, as well as for further study in graduate and professional schools.

To help you develop personally and professionally, we designed an enriching curriculum built around two education components - general and professional. The general education component equips you with a well-rounded education to maximize your effectiveness in the workplace and as a socially responsible citizen. The professional component includes the critical technical, scientific, business and support courses that form the foundation for immediate employment or advanced study in your chosen field.

Central to our success is a learning culture that supplements classroom theory with laboratory and workshop experiences. Additionally, many of our programs provide valuable internship opportunities that integrate real-world experience with classroom learning.

The Eberly College of Science and Technology includes these academic departments:

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