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B&E Working Paper Series

The B & E Working Papers Series (WPS) are pre-publication papers or reviews available electronically only and in PDF format on this website, and are in progress, under submission, or in press and forthcoming elsewhere. The main purpose of the WPS is to stimulate discussion and critical comment on a broad range of business and economic issues being researched by our faculty and their collaborators. Comments or questions about their content should be sent directly to the e-mail address of the author. The views, judgment, and findings expressed in the WPS are solely those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Department and the California University of Pennsylvania. 

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Working Paper Series: 04/2014

Medicare Spending And Financing
by Saima Bashir and Muhamed Arshad Chawdhry

Working Paper Series: 03/2014

Does Self-Employment Enhance Regional Economic Growth?
by Saima Bashir and Muhamed Arshad Chawdhry

Working Paper Series: 02/2014

Short- and Long-run Growth Effects of Special Interest Groups in the U.S. States: A Dynamic Panel Error-Correction Approach
by Ismail M. Cole

Working Paper Series: 01/2013

What Constitutes Consumer "E-Shopping"? Behaviors and Vehicles in the US and China
by Brian F. Blake, Richard LaRosa, Luming Yang, Paul Skalski, Kimberly A. Neuendorf, and Mu Wu