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Department of Earth SciencesDepartment of Earth Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences is an integral agent of the Eberly College of Science and Technology, providing academic advising and consulting services to majors, non-majors and community members. Our faculty members are dedicated to the improvement of the human condition, practical advancement of knowledge, serving the local, national and world communities, and the education of earth and atmospheric scientists and geographers.

Our goal is to produce a well-rounded, well-trained individual who is ready for a professional career or for graduate school. The department provides you with opportunities to work with modern technologies, software, databases and field methods. In addition to the traditional courses, we offer field courses designed to give practical experiences.

Our Graduates

Our students have successfully entered the workforce and graduate schools throughout the country. Today, many work as geologists, environmental engineers and environmentalists, and hold supervisory or managerial positions.  Others work as regional, county and city planners, governmental agents, consultants, information specialists, demographers, and cartographers. Still others are employed as park rangers and managers, park interpreters and naturalists, recreation leaders, facility managers, recreation directors, ski area managers, and outfitters. Many of these graduates have risen to supervisory positions, and some have started and maintained their own successful companies.


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