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Department of Academic Development ServicesDepartment of Academic Development Services

Department of Academic Development Services

The Department of Academic Development Services helps students successfully adjust to college and cope effectively with academic and related non-academic challenges. 

Services provided include the following:


A three-credit course titled Critical Thinking and Reading and a one-credit course titled Career Planning are offered to first-year students.  Faculty members also teach First Year Seminar.

Tutors at the department's Tutoring Center review lecture notes, textbooks and other course materials; teach course-related vocabulary words; prepare students for completion of course assignments; and demonstrate the use of course-linked technologies. Tutoring is available for courses in most academic disciplines.

Counselors provide developmental academic advisement as well as educational and career guidance. New students are interviewed and receive both an orientation and an academic plan. Counselors help students schedule and register for courses; monitor each student's academic performance; and provide students with information concerning academic policy, procedures and practices. 

We encourage you to discuss personal problems with these counselors. All discussions are confidential. If necessary, students may be referred to one of the other student service offices for further assistance.

Grant Programs

Academic Development Services administers these grant programs:



Department of Academic Development Services
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Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday; weekends and evenings by appointment