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Candidate Disposition Requirement

The Teacher Education Programs at California University of Pennsylvania are designed to allow teacher education students/candidates to show growth in the five measures of Professional Disposition throughout their teacher preparation program.  

These five measures comprise the overall system used to measure Professional Disposition:

1.  Integrity - Demonstrates truthfulness to oneself and to others; demonstrate professional behavior and trustworthiness.

2.  Civility - The ability to honor, value, and demonstrate consideration and regard for oneself and others.

3.  Responsibility - Acts independently and demonstrates accountability, reliability, and sound judgment.

4.  Professionalism/Maturity - Demonstrates situational appropriate behavior.

5.  Professional development and lifelong learning - Demonstrate a commitment to professional development and to lifelong learning.

Professional Dispositions are measured at three points (Levels 1-3) during the program. 

Professional Disposition Assessment Points

Level 1 - Required in the Introductory Education Course 

In the first required departmental course, the professor will use the evaluation of Professional Disposition - Level 1 to explain to the Teacher Education candidates' what initial Professional Disposition for teaching entails.  This level provides a self-assessment for determining the candidate's growth.  The purpose and expectations of the Professional Dispositions/evaluations are discussed with each class.

Level 2 - Required for Admission to Teacher Education

The evaluation of the candidate's Professional Disposition - Level 2 is completed by two people:

The raters are Cal U faculty members from required courses in the student’s major and ones that the student has already taken.  For the Secondary Education majors, this includes both Secondary Education courses and content area courses.  For example, a Secondary Education major with a concentration in Biology can choose either a professor from one of their Secondary Education courses and/or from a Biology courses.  This course/faculty selection is made by the candidate.

To start the process of requesting the completion of these two Professional Dispositions/evaluations, the student/candidate will email Professional Dispositions at with the following information:

  • The student's name and Campuswide ID number (#C + 8 digits.)
  • The student's major(s) and concentration area (if applicable.)
  • Whether or not the student is an Undergraduate or Graduate student.
  • The names of two Cal U faculty members (Raters) to complete the Professional Dispositions.
  • The title/position of the two people (Raters.)
  • The email addresses of the two people (Raters.)  

Each person (Rater) will then be contacted via the Cal U Professional Dispositions email and asked to complete the evaluation electronically via an internet link.  The student/candidate will be copied on the email(s) for verification that the Raters were contacted. 

If the Rater(s) does not respond within 15 days, a second email request will be sent.  If the Rater(s) does not reply within an additional 15 days, the student/candidate will be emailed and asked to submit the name(s) of a new Rater(s.)

Once each of the Professional Dispositions are completed and returned, the student/candidate will be emailed confirmation of receipt.  The student/candidate should printout the email(s) as proof of completion.

Level 3 - Required for Exiting Student Teaching

During the Professional Disposition - Level 3,  the university's Student Teaching Advisor will complete an evaluation of the student’s/candidate’s Professional Disposition before the end of the first student teaching assignment.  A satisfactory rating at this point is defined as:  ”Achievement of the MET criterion in all five of the Professional Disposition categories.”

Deficient Disposition Assessment

If the desired Professional Disposition skills and behaviors are rated as "Unsatisfactory," a corrective action will be developed and completed by the university before the Teacher Education student/candidate can progress in their program.