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Two students work on a computer.Two students work on a computer.

LiveText Portfolio

LiveText is internet-based software that creates portfolios.  All Cal U Teacher Education candidates; undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate, are now required to purchase a LIVETEXT account.  This software once purchased will be active for the entire time that you are an active Cal U student.

Purchasing Instructions

LiveText can be purchased two ways; at the Bookstore and online at the LiveText website.  The price is the same either way.  Teacher education candidates may use financial aid to purchase LiveText at the bookstore, but not online.  Financial Aid is only available the first week of school.  If you purchase LiveText at the bookstore, do not throw away the brochure.  It contains information that is needed to register.  If the brochure is lost, you will need to purchase another license at full price.

Common Portfolio

You can have as many portfolios as you like; however, there are some required portfolios.  You do not need to create required portfolios from scratch, there are templates set up for you to use.  One of the required portfolios for all initial teacher certification candidates is the "Common Portfolio - The 12 Performance Principles".  The Common Portfolio is used to standardize the data collection required by our accreditation institutions.

Please click on the PDF PowerPoint presentations listed below to help you learn more about: 
How to Get Started
How to Set Up Your Autobiography
How to set Up Your Electronic File Cabinet
Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

Please check back as more PowerPoint presentations will be added in the near future.